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New things

2013-06-27 22:00:21 by NOTRATEDRRR

Well I have moved to my new place and now writing some stories, some erotic and some not. well the music will have to wait and im gonna practice drawing so expect that coming up!

also practicing voice acting and might send a demo reel up.


Happy New Year!!

2012-12-31 20:29:41 by NOTRATEDRRR

happy new years everyone! for me right now im doing fine, last year was good for me cuz of all I've planned for next year!! taking up drawing but its going to look better getting better software plus I'm gonna practice on paper then scan to computer and trace cuz for me it looks alot better on paper. heh, might try to draw hentai if i feel like i can actually do a good job. so yeah . ALSO, I'm gonna put my comics up on here but the thing is that theres no words just actions so if theres no text thats how it is.


lets try voice acting!

2012-10-02 01:10:40 by NOTRATEDRRR

Well I have decided to try out voice acting! I'm kinda good at it but ill need some practice and advice (aka ricepirates voice acting video) so ill try to make some voice clips and I'll try my hardest (hehe hardest)

If anyone have any advice or tips, plz post them and I'll take them into action!

Good News!

2012-08-23 01:02:24 by NOTRATEDRRR

well I work and worked on some music to post and I decided to celebrate by web browsing, until i found out that my computer had MALWARE! (duh duh fucking duuuuuhhh) well after that computer reset and now i lost everything.


Disclaimer im not and your reading this, be happy


2012-06-23 02:54:49 by NOTRATEDRRR

well i really dont know what do to, just practicing music and might put up some.

New Design, New words

2012-02-11 23:16:04 by NOTRATEDRRR

yeah im still drawing some of my art and i dont care if you call it not art, its my hobby. the new design for NG is pretty cool and yeah thats it, thank you for ordering.

New Design, New words

ok something else

2011-12-26 03:03:07 by NOTRATEDRRR

ok i think this is not gonna work that well since no one visits my page so im still gonna post drawings and be supportive so if anyone wants to see my art you know where to click.

Ok New Subject

2011-09-23 04:03:51 by NOTRATEDRRR

I have Decided to draw some of my weapons I have created in the past months and I will still draw my characters and stuff so if you like comment, if you have upgrades for my weapons I will consider it and see if it will work. Just comment and rate if you want.



2011-09-19 04:05:20 by NOTRATEDRRR

hey I'm new to this and i have alot of pics to post up but I don't have a good drawing program for now I'll be using regular paint and touch pad, i might borrow my sisters tablet but I don't know, I have a couple of characters i draw on paper but I'm kinda new to drawing on the computer the only good drawing i did was a drawing of Ichigo's sword (i got alot of good reviews for it) also i try not to be mean, but if a person who is bugging me or has nothing good to say will be blocked or talked back to. so I draw with paint, like i said before, so i use shapes and stuff (because I'm not that good at drawing a perfect circle).
well enough about me tell me about you?